Can You Take Newly-Pierced Earrings Out After 2 Weeks?


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The amount of time you have to leave a piercing in really depends on how your body heals.

However, 2 weeks is simply too early (most piercers suggest at least 6 weeks for a regular lobe piercing).
What would happen if I change/take out my earring after a fortnight? A new earring can be uncomfortable, or you simply might be getting bored with it already.

Unfortunately, most piercing professionals suggest you wait at least 6 weeks before removing an earring.

This is because taking out a piercing too early can have the following negative effects:

  • The hole might close up and leave you unable to put an earring back in.
  • The open hole will be an easy target for bacteria, and may lead to infection.
The best way to look after a new earring is to wash the area daily with a hot water and saline mixture.

Make sure to keep the piercing dry and clean, and try not to move it or fiddle with it at all, as the more your hands touch your piercing, the more likely you are to get an infection.

Moving your piercing around while the tissue is still healing will also slow down the whole healing process.
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After just a month or two I had to take mine out for soccer games, but that was just one hour. I probably couldn't have taken them out for bed like I did at the six month mark. I say better safe than sorry. My mom took out her earrings for two weeks while at camp, only six months after getting her ears pierced. And they healed up. She still has the dents in her ears.

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Nope you can't change the jewelry for a piercing until it is fully healed, and for lobes I would say give it 2-3 months just to make sure.

If you change the jewelry it could cause an allergic reaction, and cause infection if not healed.
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I just got mine peirced a few days ago, they say you should keep the earings in for about 5 weeks minimum so it wont cause infection (: Hope this helps
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You can't, you have to wait at least 6 weeks to take them out - otherwise they will close up.

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