I Want To Get Earplugs/earrings Like Matt Heafy From Trivium. But I Dont Know What To Ask For At The Tattoo And Piercing Shop And I Also Want To Know How Long Does It Take And Is There Alot Of Pain Involved? I Already Have Normal Earrings. I Want To


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Lupe Barrera answered
Start off with 16 or 14g plugs and leave them in for 2-3 weeks or until they feel healed, then gradually insert a plug of a bigger size such as 12g if you were at 14g, it might take a long time to get to a noticeable size, but it is wayyyy worth it!:D
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Jessica Flores answered
First off, Trivium is awsm, so Kudos to mentioning them. Second, about the plugs, if you have a regular pierced ear and your planning on gauging up to Matt's size. It takes time. If you go straight for his size you'll blow out your ear :l you hav2 gradually get bigger and bigger. I would know I have 7/16 tunnels in right now.

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