How Soon Can I Leave My Earrings Out For The Night?


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Most ear piercers will recommend that you do not remove your earrings until the six week healing period is over. It will still take a long time after this initial period before you will be able to leave you earrings out for a long time. While it varies for every individual, most recommend that you do not leave your earrings out for the whole night until at least six months later. Even after the six week healing period, your ears are still likely to close up if they are left without earrings in for a few hours. You may find that if you do not wear earrings for the whole night that it is extremely painful to put them back in in the morning. Although it is still possible to reopen the hole with the earrings, providing it has not completely healed, it is a process that requires antiseptic and a high pain threshold. Most ear piercers will not recommend that you do this yourself and if you do leave your earrings out for too long, they will suggest that you wait until they are fully healed so that they can be pierced again.

If the earrings that you are currently wearing are uncomfortable, then once the six week healing process is over you will be able to swap your earrings for another pair that are smaller and less irritating. Try experimenting with different backs and different metals to find the most comfortable style for you. If you really feel that you want to remove your earrings for a while, do it for a couple of hours in the day when you can keep an eye on the holes and be ready to put your earrings back in quickly. While it may be tempting to leave your earrings out overnight as soon as possible, it is far less painful in the long run to be patient with it.
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Did you know that when you clean your holes with the alcohol to move the post around. It helps them heal quicker.
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I changed my seconds earrings after 3 weeks and everything was fine. I suggest waiting 3 months before taking them out for the night.

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You should be able to do it now. But I was always afraid of the thought of them needing to be pierced again, so I waited 3 months to leave them out overnight.
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i probably will wait, thanks for the suggestion. i get a little squeamish so poking it through was no fun!
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Yeah, I kind of figured that was the way it was with you. Good luck.
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I am a professional body piercer. Poking through the jewelry is like getting it pierced all over again and now you need to take care of it like it is a fresh piercing... Here is an after care sheet for you...
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I got mine pierced 3 years ago and the lady told me I could take them out for the night about a year after I got them pierced.

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