When Is It Proper To Wear A Red Bow Tie?


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Penny Kay answered
Anytime you are wearing a black suit, a white suit or a grey suit, a red bow tie looks good. You can wear it with formal or casual wear. I think it is quite fashionable and very classic so wear that tie, and if this has been any help at all please click on a star next to RATE THIS ANSWER, and it will help me too....*p Oh and they also look good with blue suits. YOu can wear them with a nice sweater or sweater vest and pants the color of any of the suits I mentioned, of course with a dress shirt underneath...*p
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Whenever you darn please??  And if anyone questions you on it...for example:  "Why are you wearing that (ugly/silly/stupid looking/ridiculous tie?"  You simply say "My "Wife/Daughter/Granddaughter/Niece/Mother/....(or whoever else you want to say) gave me this tie.  And I picked this very special occasion to wear it so I could say thank you for the wonderful and special gift by wearing it as proudly as I am wearing it today."  Then you smile real big, look the jackass who asked you that question straight in the eye, and watch as the jackass who chose to say such a thing stands there and turns purple.  

Said jackass will then try to say something, will fail miserably, will only be able to mumble something you won't understand, and probably turn and walk away and never bother you again.  Even if it is a a wake or a funeral, you give the same answer.  You point to the deceased and say "Our guest of honor here gave me this tie.  I am wearing it as proudly as I can to say thank you and to honor the friendship we shared for so many years."

That is how you handle such unfeeling and insensitive clods.

I hope this helped you.

Seattle, WA
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When you go to a jazz concert.

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