How Can You Untie A Tie?


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Why do you want to do that? Just loosen it and hang it up so it is ready to go for next time! ;-)

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Cut it with scissors!!!!
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People tend to struggle with actually tying a tie but what many people do not realise is that often taking it off again can be a real struggle too! However it is quite easy once you know how and it is just the initial practising that you have to get through.

Generally the best way to untie your tie is to go through the steps you made when you actually tied the tie, only backwards. So, start with the last step first and make your way back to the first step. So many people just rip their tie off after work but that can and will eventually ruin the tie and having to replace a tie constantly can become expensive. Also if you take your time to untie your tie then you will also avoid any wrinkles in the tie and it will be OK to put on again the next day. So follow the steps you took to tie the tie backwards and you should be OK.

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