What Do You Wear To A Gala Dinner?


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A gala dinner is a festive occasion, a celebration or a special event - a very special dinner occasion and there are certain expectations as to what one should wear.

It is best to look and dress glamorously. Many gala dinners come with dress recommendations or themes so make sure you adhere to them if there are any.

For the gentlemen, most Gala Dinners are black tie events so formal dress would mean a black tuxedo with matching silk tie. A bow tie may be worn if there is a cocktail party to follow, and match this with a conservative dress shirt of solid colour, but avoid bright colours or frills.

Finish the outfit off with black polished leather shoes and black dress socks and accessorise with a tie pin, classy cuff links and a fine watch.

You should also be clean shaven with well groomed hair.

Foe women, it is obviously a much more complicated affair! However, it is a great excuse to buy that new dress with all the  accessories and then spend the day at the beauticians and hairdressers!

It would be a help if you could find out what your friends are wearing so that you can try and find a style that is contrasting or complimentary. Colour is not important but knee length dresses or longer will be required.

Low cut and bare shoulders are a must and shoes are of paramount importance. Gala Dinners tend to be lengthy affairs, so find shoes that you can dance in and be comfortable in over a long period. Medium height heels the most popular choice and black leather is a safe bet.

Costume jewellery is frowned upon so go for classy understated gold or silver pieces and a refined simply styled handbag. Simple hair pieces or brooches are optional

A gala dinner is usually a formal event, where a private room is hired. In this room, a group of people can choose off a pre-determined menu, eat, drink, and usually dance or watch entertainment. Gala dinners are usually expensive events to organize and host, so your outfit should be formal and classy to compliment the event itself. A "lounge" dress code does not mean "informal" or "smart casual", although people often mistakenly interpret it to do so.

For men, appropriate clothing for a gala dinner would be a full suit (but not top hat and tails!). A tie should be worn, but bow ties are uncommon in gala situations. Instead, opt for a full length tie upon a shirt buttoned up to the neck. If you have cufflinks, a gala dinner is the time to wear them on your shirt. A jacket should be worn - usually a darker jacket is your safest option, as colored jackets can draw attention as they are more uncommon, and this can make you feel self-conscious. Navy blue or black pants are preferable, and on your feet you should opt for dark (navy blue or black) shoes and socks.

For women, dresses are preferred over pant- or skirt-suits, although these can be worn. In any case, you must try not to upstage the hostess, as doing so may be perceived as impolite. If you choose to wear a cocktail dress, as most women do for evening events such as a gala dinner, the hem should sit somewhere between ankle-length and just above the knee. You don't want a dress that is too short or revealing, as gala events are classy and up-market. If the gala you are attending is outside, then longer dresses or summer dresses may also be worn. As for accessories, hats are not usually worn at gala dinners, although you can wear as much jewelry as you feel appropriate.
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While going for a gala dinner it is best to look and dress glamorous. If it's your firm that is receiving the commendations it's even more reason for you to go dressed well. Many gala dinners come with dress recommendations so make sure you adhere to them if there are any. For the gents, formal dressing would mean a black tuxedo or a suit with a tie. For the ladies it could either be a well tailored dark suit or a longer cocktail dress. Many a times gala dinners also come with after parties or cocktail parties in which case the gents can wear their suits with bow ties and the ladies can stick to an off shoulder or well cut cocktail dress that's shorter in length.
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Well most of the gala dinners come with dress codes or recommendations so make sure you dress like that if there are any. For the men, formal dressing means a black suit with a tie. The females it might either be a well customized dark suit or a long cocktail outfit.
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Black tie means Formal, so wear your best dressy dress, be it long or short, Dressy is the operative word here. Little black dresses are great because you can dress them up with jewelry to make them more dressy. If you have a bridesmaid dress or prom dress that looks good on you, wear one of those. Other wise, go shopping. If your budget is tight try the thrift stores. I once found a 2 piece green satin  formal dress that fit like it was made for me, for $5.00. Some inexpensive jewelry and I looked like a million dollars. Be detail oriented when it comes to matching jewelry. If you really want to put on the ritz, and you have short or no sleeves, try a pair of dress evening gloves, which can be bought at Claires jewelry or even sometimes in thrift stores or tuxedo rental. Have a great time.
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A black dress with a little sparkle would be nice. Halter top style and medium heeled black open toed shoes. Shorter would be better unless you are conservative.
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Dressing for a gala event is quite rather not so simple. Since it is typically a formal
wear occasion. For men, that equates to a tuxedo or at the very least a  bowtie and cummerbund while for women, formal wear is typically a long gown with high
heels, matching accessories and jewelry.
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You can wear various dresses for the Gala dinner i.e. Short Dresses, Prom Outfits, Couture Dresses, Curves Dresses and many more it all depends on your choice.

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Going for a gala dinner - ball of the August moon - with high digneteries from our country...can I wear medals on my black tie tuxedo?
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Even though it's a gala dinner, you must adhere to the dress code which you said is "Lounge."
Sweat pants, sweat shirts, T shirts, bathrobes, slippers and even pajamas would be ideal.

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