Do You Think That Clothes Look Better On Skinny People?


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Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
No, I do not but clothes do fit better on models:)
kriti sharma Profile
kriti sharma answered
It depends on your dressing sense and how you carry it..a skinny girl look hot in skinny straight jeans with a cassic top while a fatty girl will look weird in straight jeans and top...similarly some clothes do not look good on skinny gurl.I think it depends on how you carry yourself and what dress you choose for yourself matters a lot
paige b Profile
paige b answered
No I think clothes look good on anyone
Cali Ali Profile
Cali Ali answered
It depends on how you rock the outfit. All clothing does not look good on all people. You got to know what works 4 you.
Ayesha Yousuf Profile
Ayesha Yousuf answered
I think that cloths are not look better on skinny people, they just look like stick, at some age skinny people look good but as you grew up and after 30 you have to gain some weight so that you didn`t look like skinny.
awawa tokyo Profile
awawa tokyo answered
I am skinny, but my collegue call me stick, which sounds not sexy at all. I think some clothes do look better on skinny people but not all. It all depends on the design of clothes.
charlotte king Profile
charlotte king answered
I think it dipends on how skinny you are but you can still be big and beautiful
maheen mirza Profile
maheen mirza answered
No, I think the outfit you wear can only look good on you, if you are smart. Neither too fat, nor too thin. You should have a nice proportionate body. Those who are thin like a stick should gain some weight and those fat like a football should lose weight. In this way, any cloth you wear will suit you.
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Anonymous answered
I'm skinny but I would not necessarily say I am a stick either, I mean you can defiantly see that I exist.  I often am frustrated because even though I am skinny, that often means I do not have a large chest so it gets annoying when I find a cute top and I try it on but it looks horrible on me because I cannot "fill it out".  I would rather be thick and curvy than skinny and well, thats about it.
Dan Beeby Profile
Dan Beeby answered
Its a question of the style look and preference. In general certain garments are going to look better on one body type to the next. Those which highlight curves or handles might be more problematic for larger body types whereas big wollen wear might look too large for the smaller body types. People would prefer to be slimmer as a trend though.
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Anonymous answered
Somebody told me to eat every once in a while but I have high metabalism so I can eat and not gain wait . I eat a lot all the time and if I didn't have high metabalism I wood be well over 300 pounds. So God made us who we are and loves us very much . When it comes to clothes wear what you like and if your one of the heavy set people here is a tip don't wear clothes that when you lift your arms up it shows some tummy and don't wear clothes that are too small. Well hope you use these tips and have a blessed day.
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Anonymous answered
There are different types of sizes and different types of brands.. They are all different on people.
naveed sajjad Profile
naveed sajjad answered
in my opinion Skinny girls does not look sexy. Because they are not attractive due to their physicaly appearance. However if they dress up in sexy dress then it may be sexy.
Bertlyn Jefferson Profile
Yea skinny peolpedo not tend to have fat hanging over their clothes which I find to be very disgusting when looking at a fat person especially seeing that they have little self-esteem and are always trying to fit in something smaller than their size
Tab Profile
Tab answered
I feel it depends on if they are hippy or bony . But most of the time I think clothes on rather skinny people look nice.
Stuart Powell Profile
Stuart Powell answered
It depends on what you regard as skinny. Boney is not good, but the normal anatomical prominences are sexy if accompanied by nice curves.
Lalala XD Profile
Lalala XD answered
No! Seriously not! I'm skinny and I hate shopping for too long to search for clothes that'll fit me! All I wear is skinny jeans and shirts, or T-backs, or some tight tees! But I'm sick of wearing that..!! Grrr. If you're curvy, be proud of that! (:
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Anonymous answered
I think that it all depends on how you were it. I am a big girl. Not huge, but big. I see skinny ppl in clothes that I would like to wear. So, I go out and buy it. To me it doesn't matter if you skinny, chunky, fat or whatever. It all depends on how you wear it, and if you have self-confidence.
chen lyfen Profile
chen lyfen answered
Hi, I agree with what they talked above, and I found out that depends on people 's feature , figure and also the taste, because if we know what can make us look better it's important not just only the skinny people can look better.

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