Can You Get Your Tongue Pierced If You Have A White Vein In The Middle Of Your Tongue?


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There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get your tongue pierced, although I would certainly take the following points into consideration:

  • Always get a professional to pierce your tongue, this is one piercing you don't want to leave to an amateur.
  • If you've got a white vein going down the middle of your tongue you may want to get that checked out- it doesn't sound normal.
  • There's no reason why you need to get the 'middle' of your tongue pierced- there are a number of other tongue piercings that look just as cool.
Getting your tongue pierced if you've got a weird white vein running down the middle of it I don't mean to sound too 'mumsy', but surely you should feel slightly concerned if you've got a white vein running down the middle of your tongue! Getting my tongue pierced would be the last thing on my mind in fact.

For more information about discolored veins on your tongue, I'd suggest you speak to a healthcare professional.

As far as your tongue piercing goes, I would suggest considering your options.

Here is a list of different tongue piercings you can get:

  • Centered tongue piercings - rest between the two main muscles of the tongue, usually at the end of the frenulum.
  • Venom piercings- are piercings that go through the muscle of the tongue. Slightly more painful than centered tongue piercings, they also take longer to heal.
  • Tongue web piercing- is a piercing that goes through the web-like bit of flesh under the tongue. Rings are popularly worn as jewelry for this type of piercing.
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No, you can not because it could kill you because it is one of your main veins in your mouth and you would bleed to death if they hit it while piercing it.
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No you can't, but if you ask... They might be able to do it, like slightly around it.

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