I Have Small Pores On My Cheeks. When I Use Powder It Looks Smooth But After Some Time The Pores Will Appear. Is There Any Home Remedy To Hide Those Pores ?


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I have lot of pores and pimples on my face and cheek pls help..
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You could use a clay face mask, or other treatments regularly, the purpose of which is, to close the pores, which now remain open on your face. Covering them with make up or powder, will clog up the pores, making the situation worse in the long run. Secondly, it only covers them for a while.
Rather go without this over the weekend, and treat your face with a pore closing face mask. You will not see instant results, but over time they will improve.
On a daily basis you should use a toner after your cleanser, and before your moisturiser, this has the effect of closing pores after cleansing.

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