Should Men Wax Their Chest Hair?


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Not unless they make mucho dinero for doing it,it's is part of their career,body builder,actor,model.
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I suppose that choice should be left up to them as individuals.  However, I prefer my men to look like men rather than a person that is not yet old enough to have chest hair.  If your lover does not like stubble on your face, you can be sure she is not going to like it on your chest.  Also, thought should be given to the fact that at some point in their life they may tire of that look and the bother it takes to stay smooth.  When (and if)  they decide to stop waxing the hair will grow back in thicker than it was in the beginning.
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I recently shaved my chest (I went through surgery and my stomach was shaved so I finished the job and it just doesn't look right) and, man does that itch coming back in. But having hair or no hair doesn't make the man. I guess it's up to the individual.
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Well, it there own choice to..
Personally i wouldn't
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Gee, I never of that. What's the purpose of waxing one's chest?
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The wax sticks to a cloth and when you pull on it, the hair comes out. The purpose is to create a smooth, hairless look.
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Well...I guess it's all a matter of opinion.....I don't like real hairy men, if you have a little hair on the chest it's okay, but if we are talking Austin Powers better wax that stuff!! LOL =)
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I think that we all look just like we are supposed to & if its something natural like that just be you unless it makes you uncomfortable. I have my eyebrows waxed to shape them & wow, what pain. I cant imagine a mans doing that.
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Waxing is a no. Keeping the hair trim and short is ok. I have pictured me without hair and its not a pretty sight. Man without hair, just not right. But man looking like R. Jeremy, that's just gross.
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yarnlady answered
I, for one, do not understand this obsession with having a smooth, hairless body. I cannot stand the thought of scraping my soft, furry skin with a sharp steel blade, or going through the torture of pulling it all out.

I prefer my self, and other people to have the natural look.
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That would probably depend on the kind of chest their S/O likes.  Some people really love a hairy chest, while others prefer the chest area to be hair-free.

All of my babes prefer me to have a hairy chest, but absolutely hate the hair on my back, so they always shave it off for me, regularly.
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Depends If They  Have Geico Caveman Hair Or Not.. It Would Hurt Like Crazy And The Hair Would Eventually Grow Back.. A Man With NO Chest Hair At All Looks A Little Different.. Look At Vin Deisel. Then Think Of Someone Like Tom Selleck. Who Always Had His Shirt Off. I Use Nair Type Stuff On My Legs And That Takes About 20 Days To Grow Back. I'd Never Use Wax.. It's Hot  And The Wax Literally Rips The Hair Out.. Think Of How It Would Feel If Someone Pulls Out Your Eyebrows.. One.. By One.. No Austin Powers.. Nasty Bits..

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