Do Men Part Their Hair On The Right Or Left Side?


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When I was a child this was a life-or-death sexuality decision! If you were a boy, your hair MUST be parted on the left pointing towards the right of the male cranium. If not, it meant you were a homosexual-in-the making! Sounds silly now, but that's how it was when I was a kid. Girls parted on the right, or it meant that they were potential lesbians. Now, you can part your hair any way you want. I personally took to parting my hair in the middle, and was accused of being bi-sexual by my schoolmaster - but as I am now completely bald and my schoolmaster is dead of old age, it now does not matter.
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They don't at all if they're bald or have an afro or high-n-tight....
Otherwise, they do what they want, depending on how they perceive themselves in the mirror

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