Are Men Supposed To Shave Their Pubic Hair?


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Do whatever you want with it, but I know a lot of us girls do NOT like an untamed jungle in our men's pants.
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I personally can not accept any hair on my body except on my head. Arm pit hair, arm and leg hair are not eye appealing. It just doesn't make since to have hair everywhere and then either trim or remove it. I shave every other day and have no lumps, cuts, or any other issues from shaving. I only wish I was double jointed so I could manage my own back hair instead of having to rely on others to help.
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I used to shave my pubic hair but my wife talked me into trying a bikini waxing.  The look and feel is great and it lasts a lot longer than shaving (no stubble).  In fact we every few weeks reserve some time where we do a waxing on each other ... Definitely lots of fun.
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They should at least trim it so it doesn't get to long. Some guys just shave it so they don't have to worry about it.
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There are NO LAWS or rules that say that women OR men need or don't need to shave ANYTHING!  Many people feel that a girl must shave or it's gross and if men shave they are gay.  Facts are most of the beliefs we all have in general are nothing but the way we were tought or trained to be as we were growing up! If a girl does not want to shave anything at all ever, so be it, if a boy wants to shave parts or everything, so be it!  It does not make a person better or worst in any way!  I am a guy and I shave my underarms and trim my pubs just because it looks nicer and it is MUCH cooler and cleaner!

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