I Am Really Hairy And Have A Really Fast Hair Growth. Can Some One Tell Me How Should I Control This?


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The problem that you have is not some thing unusual and is some thing very common so you should not worry as I will try to give you some tips which can control your body hair.There are many ways to remove the excess hair from the body, this includes waxing, shaving, plucking, creams, electrolysis and even laser hair treatments. However only a few of them are known to control the growth procedure and help solving the problem of fast hair growth.

I would suggest not trying shaving or use creams because both of them do not get rid of the hair from the root but only from the tip of it thus not good for controlling hair growth.
Plucking you can try, but it can take ages for you to pluck each hair and will be extremely painful and time consuming.

Waxing on the other hand has a very good effect on the skin and is known for controlling body hair growth. You should definitely try out waxing because it takes of the hair from the root thus making sure the hair growth is slow. Your hair will take at least 2 weeks to grow back.

However if you have already tried this then I would suggest you to go for a laser hair treatment because it is the excellent remedy for people who have really excess hair. The treatment guarantees to stop hair growth for about 6 months and will remove hair from all parts of body with just a laser beam. It is not painful and has no side effects at all but can be expensive.

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