Do I Look Cute?


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You are a good looking young lady. Just remember things like your personality also make up cute too! You can have pretty features and then open a dirty potty mouth and then there goes the cuteness! Never forget an old sang that says "You can attrack more with honey or sugar than you can with vinager!" my mother used to say that, and it's true!
Also try and tell yourself you are unique, one of a kind, the best, and no one will get better than you for a girl friend, believe it yourself no matter what..and then it will happen and you will never have to lower your self to being jealous over another girl and or with her talking to the guy in your life, because you say and belive " go for it but you will lose the best that ever happened to you !, Saving you from looking jealous! Don't let a guy or another girl ever see you jealous! Be self confident and always make every one think you are.. Whether you fell like it or not, that is part of cute because jealousy is an insecure ugly thing! You will attrack good people around you and have a mature attitude. This believe it or not is what guys want for a seriuos relationship. If they just want a ego booster they will use you for that and thats not good! Plus you have a baby that will love you forever as long as she can respect you as she gets older. But, you have her love so when things get bad with your boyfriend at the time you will always have hers! She should be your no. 1 concern from now - forever! Luv Queenie
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Wow thats a mouthful and ur right thank you and my mama use to say that saying to me to but she quit when i was like twelve thanks for answering
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I wish you would have loaded a bigger picture on this question but I think you are a cute girl. Post a bigger picture and I can expand on the answer.
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I dont think you are just cute . I think you are HOT!!! But you know me, we are friend's. Take care.
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Attention seekers are losers. Cough-you-cough

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