Why do people with fat cheeks look so cute? Is that called a babyface?


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Sean Rohne answered
I don't understand your feelings towards people with fat cheeks. I personally do not have any sexually atraction to fat people. This may just be a fetish you have and will have to accept that.
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Craving Love answered
Hahaa, I think it depends.
Sometimes it doesn't look 'as cute', it just looks bad.
But sometimes it looks adorable, you know!
And well, I wouldn't necessarily call it a "Baby-face" because sometimes the person just has chubby cheeks due to being overweight but not a babyish appearance on their face... Like it would also need to include the eyes too if you'd call it a baby face.
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Adila Adila answered
Psychology research shows that the reason why we love babies is because of their small features, such as plump cheeks. We find it "cute" and therefore, it has also been said that we tend to be attracted to those who have small and cute features, similar to those of a baby, like a "Baby-face". It attracts people more, but obviously not everyone, but it's a stimulation. Just because you have fat cheeks, doesn't mean you have a Baby-face, but it is certainly associated with that.
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Arthur Wright answered
Yes especially if they have dimples, I know from experience.

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