I'm scene and my brother is emo I dyed my hair pink and black and it looks amazing but I didn't want to do it. My mom is a hairdresser what do i do about it? i hate it, but it's cute and my mom thinks i love it...


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Wow, you sound so confused! Like how can you like something and then hate it at the same time? Also listening to what other people think is probably what's confusing you in the first place...

Just ignore the rest and focus on what you want. After all it's your hair, so ask yourself if you like it? more questions about whether it's suitable or now - actually if you study or whatever you might want to take that into consideration.

Just dye your hair back?... What else is there to do.

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Yeah, I agree with Addi... its your hair, you shouldn't go with a style or color you don't like just to please others... even if it is your mom! Just break it gently to her... shell understand

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