How many rings do you wear, on a regular basis, and where?


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Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
None. I don't wear my wedding ring to work. I still remember those shop movies where people got their fingers ripped off by wearing rings around power tools. I only wear it weekends or evenings we go out which are rare. It is gold with five diamonds on top totaling one carrot. I also have a gold Rolex style ring with a half carrot diamond clustor. I wear that one on my right hand ring finger, but not that often.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Lets see;  my wedding ring, the ring around my collar, does those cute little rings in my underwear count?, rings around my eyes, all these little red rings on my body where someone in a white gown with a white pointed hoodie/mask told me one time it was worms and not the fishing kind so could never figure out what good were they
Janey Profile
Janey answered
My platinum solitaire engagement ring ( which comes off for martial arts,the football and when I'm playing in my band ).
My dad's signet ring.
Two earrings in both ears.
Monroe ( but not that often now ).
Belly button Slipknot S insignia ring.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
None. Unless you count earrings, I just got my ears pierced =D but I still have to wear the beginning ones, and I can finally take them out september 6 =)
Bre Fawn Profile
Bre Fawn answered
Like my other answer, I find rings attached to body parts other than the fingers or earlobes overly disgusting and unsanitary. I wear earrings and that's enough. When I get married I will wear a wedding ring and maybe later on in life some other rings - on my fingers!
Marlene Profile
Marlene answered
Finger rings?
Left Hand: Pinky
Right: Index, ring finger
Belly button ring
3 ear rings on each ear
and industrial bar
why the question?:)
John Profile
John answered
Out of habit I don't wear jewelry of any kind.too many safety hazards with loose materials hanging off the neck,wrists,arms.legs. If you ever saw a man dragged into a endmill machine you would not wear it either.

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