What Do You Wear To A Formal Dinner In India?


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Formal dinner require finest quality national dress. In different states the dress code is different. Man can be dress in classic suit, usually it is. Or wear a suit with Indian element, like a high neck or some embroidery
Types of traditional man dress in India are Sherwani, Dhoti Sherwani, Nehru jackets, Salwars, Kurta Pyjama, Anarkali.
A woman should wear saree, salwar kameez, anarkali, lehenga.

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If you are a male then I suggest to wear traditional Indian dress like Kurta and Pajama with traditional cap. If you are female then my recommendation is to wear traditional Sari. If you have fair complexion then my suggestion is to use black sari with skilled work on it.
I suggested these dresses because in my opinion, no body should forget their traditions, culture and identity. These traditions make India unique in the world which is their identity. All nations are identified and remembered by their traditions.

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