What Are Some Of The Fashion Tips For A Fat Lady?


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Plus size ladies do need to be careful what they wear. With the right outfit they can look a completely different person and a few inches slimmer. There are a few tricks for getting plus size fashion correct, below are some of the best.

Firstly, it is always wise to avoid figure-hugging clothes. Plus size ladies may think wearing tight-fitting clothing will look smaller and therefore they will look thinner - this, unfortunately, is not the case. In fact, it can have the complete opposite effect. Tight clothes will highlight fatter areas making a fuller figure more obvious. It is better to opt for looser fitting garments; it is important to note that looking fashionable does not have to be at the expense of comfort.

For many years fashion experts have highlighted the benefits of vertical and horizontal stripes in accentuating a person's figure. This is really does work - avoid horizontal stripes and embrace anything with vertical stripes, these give the impression of a slimmer figure.

Clothes with length which minimise the amount of exposed flesh are also friends of the larger lady. This lets the material flow without any fat being on view and spoiling the image somewhat.

It is important to get fashion right, but comfort and how you feel in it is just as important, therefore balancing both is the way forward.
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As you know beauty lies in the symmetry. A woman can be look like lovely if she has a slim and smart figure. If you real want to look like pretty then try to be smart. Here are lots of exercises which can make you smart and beautiful with in few days. Because the real beauty lies is in smartness. But don't loose heart if you are over weight. There are some tips if you use you will really look beautiful.
1. Fatter ladies should not wear the light coloured dresses.
2. Don't use the large prints on dresses.
3. Black colour gives the smarty look.
4. Don't use the dark makeup.
5. Don't use the extra tight dress.
Fatness is not only the reason there are some other thing also count to look like beautiful. Your face shape, hair cut and out fit plays a key role to make your look attractive. But if you real want to be a fashionable lady, then you should try to make you smart.
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Just because you are big, does not mean you are not beautiful, and if you are happy with your weight and it is not making you have health problems , screw people talking about lossing your weight.yes exircise is important but some women don't have a choice in being large thyroid problems keeps thousands of women from loosing unwanted pounds. Ladies you can be just as stylish with out looking larger. Now you may have to spend a little more but stores like Lane Bryant and Cato's Plus has very fashionable cloths in larger sizes and that hide problem areas. Black is a very slimming color. You can still be flirty without looking sluty. And Ladies keep your heads up high, just remember to dress classy. Nothing beats a classy lady thin or large.
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I agree with some of the tips given.

1.  Don't wear tight clothing except bathing suits, and even then, consider one-piece with higher backs and a swim skirt.  
2.  Get clothes that "skim" your figure, rather than hugging it.  
3.  Get a full-length mirror at home, and use it.  Honestly, some things look a lot better than others, but if you can't see your whole self, you will never know.
4.  Remember you're not a billboard for someone else's business, or a piece of upholstered furniture.  Dress like a person, not a "thing."  
5.  Dress for comfort.  Nothing is less attractive than someone pulling bras up or panties "out", or wearing shoes that make them hurt or pants that constrict when you bend.  
6.  If you have no other good features (magazine pretty) -- you have attitude and smile.  Look in the mirror -- what is your normal facial expression?  Is it "plain" which people may see as stand-offish, or is it slightly welcoming, with a very small smile?  Practice the smile, ladies, and everything you wear will look a whole lot more inviting.

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I think what fashion is according to the age you belong to. You can wear whatever you like if you can carry it. If you are fat ,then I suggest you wear clothes that have longitudinal designs, say stripes .Avoid wearing too much of dark shades, but if you like dark shades and can't stop wearing them, at least avoid big prints. There is one thing you can do and that is to walk for half an hour before going to any ceremony that's not a big deal for fashion-crazy people. Also avoid short shirts; these will not go with your image. I hope that will work and if you really want to try different outfits on you then there is no other option than to get slim and smart.
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I am 42yrs old lady living in India.Ht.5'2''.fat Wheaties complexion. Can you
suggest a modern dress for me.
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A wrap dress is great. It creates a wonderful silhouette. Also something with a little bunching in the front, can hide a myriad of sins.
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It would very much depend how fat the lady is - really, and where she lives - in a hot country or in a rather colder country, and let's also presume the lady is around 30 years of age. Let's start out with summer clothes: when carrying extra pounds and still wanting to look attractive, it's important to develop your own style and not follow fashions blindly. Like for instance, African-style dresses of pure cotton in strong mesh and A-form are super for corpulent ladies.

hey go just above the ankle - therefore also hide fat legs. Comfi to wear and done up with African-style jewelry and maybe a fitting scarf in your hair, you'll look grandly dressed and very individual. Corpulent ladieies' best point is usually the cleavage- show it off!! Wear a thin scarf around your neck to hide it when on the street, take it off when wanting to look sexy!
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This is a very nice answer... I have some questions. Please can you,sunny1968, try and answer some of them.
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One tip I use to create height which also works is to keep to one colour in different shades.  
Invest in a book like Trinny and Susannah´s dressing for your shape.  Not every person with a few extra kilos or pounds has the same proportions.  This has the advantage of being valid if you should lose weight.  When you feel attractive you are less likely to stay home, eat comfort food.  Not that being thin is the be all and end all of life (or living it)!!   
Another question to ask yourself is if you really are "fat".  Maybe you focus on the extra weight you carry but this is part of your shape.  You cannot change your shape but dressing well means it is not important.
Good luck
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The important thing of dressing right is you should look slim and tall in whatever you wear, no matter what your weight is. Even fat women can look slim if they know the tricks of fashion.

Following are the tips that will make women look gorgeous, elegant and stunning!

1. Pick one hue. Dressing head-to-toe in a single dark colour, like navy or black is the single best way to look like a person who has lost a lot of weight.

2. Skip large pattern. Smaller patterns fool the eyes and make for a more delicate look. One should not wear patterns on top and bottom since it tends to add more weight.

3. You should slip on the right length skirt and stick to just-above-the-knee skirts that play off knees and elongate legs. You should avoid a mid calf skirt which draws attention to the widest part of the legs, making them look heavier.

4. Capri pants are surprisingly slimming, especially if you stick to dark denim or black and wear those aren't too short or too long. They should end at the least-wide part of your calves, ideally a few inches of your ankle.

5. Wear a sexy T-shirt V-neck and deep scoop nect T-shirts elongate the neck and make the torso appear longer by showing off your collarbone.

6. You can wear clothes which have thin vertical stripes on anything. They can be the pants, shirts, skirts or dresses. They creat the illusion of a longer leaner body.

7. Slim down with colour. Hot summer hues like pink and yellow catch the eye and are good for body parts you want to play up. Pair them with black, brown or navy - dark colours recede and are best for areas that you'd like to draw the eye away from.

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White polo shirt, jeans, hi heels, small clutch (avoid xxl bag) n don't forget a pair of stylish sunglass.
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Well to hide the fat, in winter try and wear long cotton thick coats. You will hide the fat and impress the men.

Watch some TV programs and see what the experts think. I'm not an expert, so I'm sorry if this particular advice does not work.
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First of all do not allow yur self to put on weight .second thing do not lose yur confidence... ,yur hope....if you already bit fat  just change yur style live like happy...
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I would add my comments as merely this: if the person is bulky, he/she need not think about fashion. Instead focus upon becoming slim or rather normal weight so that every dress fits on him/her.

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