How Much Will This Tattoo Cost?


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Depends on the tattoo artist and how much time and effort they put into. Just make sure you go to someone that is A tattoo artist and his place of business is clean. I have two tats and his waiting list is 3 months. I have no regrets but always remember, a tat is permanent.
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Every tattoo artist charges different amounts. You will need to take your design and ask them. Go to a reputable shop and ask to see their portfolio. Pick the artist that you like their previous work. Definitely remember it is permanent so get something good. It is definitely addiction i have four and am going to get more.
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Yeah I've done that, but I was wondering if you have a tattoo approximately this size, how much did it cost you? I'm thinking about 50 plus tip, am I near?
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not sure what your thinking for a tip but tat and tip shouldn't be more then 75. stay away from the glamor shops like las vegas or places like that or they will wind up charging 200-300 dollars. they wanted 300 for a friend of mine that wanted five letters about an inch and a half tall.
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Where I live they charge $100 an hour.
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Artist charge by hour, size, and amount of color added. I have six tats. That one could range from 120 to 200. Depends on where you go. Check out different places and get some prices.

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