How Much Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Actually Cost?


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The cost varies greatly but you should expect to pay roughly £1,000 at least and that is for just one session. Many times more than one session is needed and so it can become extremely expensive! It all depends upon what your doctor or surgeon says and your needs for the treatment. Deeper scars will obviously cost more to remove than a mild problem would.
As well as the initial £1,000 fee you will also need to add ointments and various other medications to the list for after your treatment, as well as camouflage make-up that you are sometimes offered. In some cases instead of using local aesthetic, general aesthetic may need to be used which will require hospitalization. That will obviously cost more than a quick visit to the doctor's surgery where local aesthetic is used!
Whilst the treatment may be fairly expensive, it is sometimes possible to pay in instalments so always enquire about that if you do not have enough money to pay in full.

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