What Does Tattoo Removal Cost?


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Realistically, it depends on where you live, and what kind of shop you go to. If you go into one that doesn't clean their needles, then there's a chance that you can get hepatitis, or herpes, or aids from them.

You can call the better business bureau, and they will tell you if a shop that you are curious about has reports against it, so when you call a shop, ask if they are members of the BBB.
Hope this helps. Good luck, make a wise choice o.k.
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Here is a great website that discuss the cost and how it's done:
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It depends on how large your tattoo is.  Their smallest kit is $149.94 for a 24 pack.  The term tattoo remover is kind of misleading.  It is actually a tattoo fading process.  Tattoo fading can take months if you have a very dark tattoo with lots of ink in it.  

It goes without saying that a faint tattoo will take much less time to remove than a really dark one.  None the less, tattoo removal through laser surgery is much more expensive.  Maybe as much as 10 times as much as tattoo removal cream.

Good luck in your quest to remove your tattoo.
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Cost of removing tattoo is depend on session. I have visited a site and seen, there is pricing for removing tattoo.

So, If you want to know the Laser tattoo removal  price then you can visit the site.

The Company Name is Allwhite laser

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I have 2 little tear drops on the left side of my face that I had for 10yrs would like to know how much it would cost me remove it.
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It depends on how you go about it.   If you go the laser tattoo removal route, it could end up costing you thousands.   If you use one of the over the counter tattoo removal creams, it could be a couple of hundred dollars.

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