What Is The Best Product For Shiny Hair?


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There are a number of products to make your hair look stronger and shiny. Some shampoos are soley made for this purpose. One such product in my opinion is Pentene Pro V. And believe me it works.
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The first thing is probably to try a different shampoo -hair gets used to a particular shampoo, and then it graduallly seems to stop working. You can always go back to your favourite one later. And it's important to match your shampoo to your hair type -greasy, dry, flyaway or normal.

You could also try intensive conditioning at least once a week while your hair is in this "dull" phase" - you have to comb it right in and leave it on for a long time - the package will tell you. And there are various products which give the appearance of a shine, but how well they work depends on your hair type again.

If none of this works, then I would either go to a really good hardresser/stylist and get some advice or try some of the old-fashined remedies, such as lemon juice in the rinsing water. (I'm sceptical about these, though, because modern shampoos really are very good and shouldn't need anything else.)

Now for the boring bit - what about your diet? For healthy, shining hair you need to eat fruit, veg, pulses etc. Hope this helps.
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Also there is a product called : Big Sexy Hair .
Big Shine , you just spritz a fine mist on dry hair . Try not to be too heavy handed with it , a little goes a long way . Works beautifully . Your hairdresser will know how to get it .
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There are some 'natural' remedies to help hair. The first may be a bit uncomfortable but it is very good for your hair and may solve your problem. An hour or so before your bath, massage your hair with beaten egg and leave it to dry. After the bath you will see the difference. The most important thing to care your hair is to avoid using oil on wet hair.
You should also try to make sure that you eat a balanced diet which will help keep your hair shiny !
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I can't tell you what to use, but I can tell you what to avoid. Avoid any sort of commercial product designed for that purpose. I attended the Living Green Expo in St. Paul over the weekend, and I learned some downright scary things regarding what these commercial products can do to you. All these companies want to do is make money--they don't care if they are ruining your health. If you want it, they will sell it to you.
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Use satinique hair rejuvenating masque...it will rejuvenate, protect and strengthen your hair...it will also make your hair shine.
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Use shampoo once a week or in 15 days. Don't overuse the shampoo. Chemical Conditioners will damage your hair. Try to use natural shampoos, I know they are expensive, but when you use it once in 15 days, it will not effect your budget. Secondly, Take vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E is the food of the hair.
Apply raw egg and henna on your hair (at least once a week). Don't waste your time and money on hair energizers , they all contain above mentioned ingredients. Regularly apply hair oil (I would recommend jojoba hair oil).

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Rinsing your hair in beer is supposed to be great for making it shiny. Then you rinse it again in clean water so you don't stink like a brewery.
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Well ...
For shining hair ... You should use "conditioners" ....
But many times it will not a glowing finish to your hairs.
So the best is to use "hair serum"..... Which gives you a coll and shining hair..surely..
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Crack an egg over your head and rub it in. Wrap your hair up in a towel and leave it in for about 15-20 minutes. Then shampoo/condition your hair as usual. Might also add volume naturally :D
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My mom has told me to drink a teaspoon of EVOO and then don't eat for 30 min.and it really does work because my hair is really shiny and ive done that since I could remember 

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