Can I Get My Eyebrow Pierced At 13?


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Hey i am 15 and got mine dune just this saturday gone, it depends on the piercer in uk it is legal at any age. The only problem is if the piercer believes you will care for it. People said to me the piercer i went to would only pierce 16year olds, if u look older than your age go for it, but learn about the piercing and talk about it.... :) it shall work
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Um , yes you can, you just need a parent with you. I got mine done when i was 12, lol.
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Charming Gurl
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yea but sometimes , I'm embarrassed to tell my mom that i wanna pierce my eyebrows or whatever , gurlz stuff.. u know !
what is the solution 4 that?
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As long as you have some one with you 18 or older you can get it done at any age
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Most tattoo and piercing shops require you to be at least 18 years of age. But fortunately for you there are some places that will do it if you are 16. Just keep looking. Goggle has some good information for how old you have to be in a certain state. Good luck to you! 
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If you go to a piercing shop you can get it pierced as long as you have a parent or guardian there with you to approve!
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Um, no. And why at the age of 13, would you want to get it done? I'm sure teachers at your school might want you taking it out as it is a distraction. Sorry.   :(
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OMG I wanna get it to!! Well anyhow yeah u need an 18 or older supervisor
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If you're 13 then I'm afraid you're going to need your parent there so you're going to have to tell her! So if you were planning on doing it behind her back it ain't gonna happen!! :)

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