How Can I Get My Eyebrows To Thicken Up Quick?


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Well, I can't say I can make them grow quickly straight away. But I can give you tips as I'm having the same problem,
don't pluck them! Leave them, as tempting as it is to tweezer them, DON'T!
Fill them in with mascara or a eyeliner/brow pencil that matches your eyebrow hair colour, don't press hard. Light strokes will make it look natural!
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Hello everyone, every girl wants to look attractive. Beautiful makeup, proper skin care, these are the components of an irresistible image. The type of eyebrows is also important, because well-groomed hairs can complete the image, convey the mood of their owner, and make the face expressive. A professional master must ensure that symmetrical eyebrows fit perfectly with the shape of the face, nose and eyes. To do this, there are some rules for choosing the shape of the eyebrows. Visit to find a good beauty salon where you will be provided with any cosmetic procedure.

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There isn't any proven way to thicken eyebrows. There are some cosmetic things you can do to make them appear thicker, though. Use a bit of eye shadow and an eye liner to softly fill them in. There are also eyebrow grooming kits available. Make sure that what you apply matches your natural hair colour! Also, don't pluck your eyebrows but allow them to grow.

Also, a healthy diet rich in protein, water and fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your hair (and eyebrows) looking healthy.

Hair is made up of 97% protein. To help to improve hair thickness and growth, some nutritionists recommend eating more protein. Obviously, the same rule applies to eyebrows. Fish is a great source of protein. Minerals like zinc and vitamins like biotin also help to encourage growth.

Hair growth can be affected by smoking and drinking. Steer clear of these in order to keeping your hair and eyebrows full and healthy.
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i have been told 2 super glue some pubic hair onto eyebrow 2 thicken them, now i have 2 rub glue off as it shows, and now its taken off some of my eyebrow! wht can i do 2 thicken my eyebrows? and will it grow bak ?
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HAHAHAHAHA.  Pubic hair?  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Next time try faux hair for eyebrows or just get an eyebrow stencil, eyebrow powder, and an eyebrow pencil to fill them.  Ouch.

Sounds like someone played you.
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Go to boots and theres this amazing creamm stuff , I don't know the name of it but its pretty expensive something like £50 pounds but its suppost to be worth itt ... If that doesnt work try looking into getting hair implants :)

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