What Is The Legal Age To Get Your Tongue Pierced In The Uk?


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The legal age for tongue piercing in United Kingdom without parental consent is 18. However, if your parents support you, you can do it at any age.
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I'm 16 and getting my tongue pierced soon, my mum is supporting me, but she wont come with me to let me get it done, how else can I get it done with parental support at 16?
As the age is 18 without parental support, do I really need her with me, if I know that she is supporting me can I go on my own to get it done?
Please someone answer my question
thank you :)
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Well the legal age is 18 without a parental consent but you can get it done any age with a parent at most places , I want mine done and I am 13 y/o , but I'm not tht sure cause you could get cancer (if you don't believe me look it up) my dad is alright with it but I ain't that sure now so think before you do anything think about it.xx

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