Which Type Of Eye Shadow Colour Looks Better On Dark Skin?


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Both light and dark colours. On dark skin, silvery whites can look very eyecatching. As can light blues, shimmery creams, greys, and even shiny charcoal at night, to make a smokey
eyed look.
You should wear a darker shade up to the crease of your eyes, and then a light shade like white, cream, or silver up to the brow bone.
It also really depends on your eye color, if you have very dark eyes, like many people with darker skin, you can use lovely warm russet colours, pinks and browns, to warm up the face.
If your skin is sallow, avoid all yellow and orange shades however.
Less is more, blending is the secret, set your foundation, which can also go on your brow bone,with loose powder, and then apply eye shadow, blending upwards, your finger is fine to blend with.
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Coastal scents.com ..88 metal mania palette- only $24.95. Most of the colors will complement a dark complexion. Stay away from ashy grey toned eyeshadows. Shimmery or metallic greys are an exception. But always look for yellow toned eyeshadows that instantly warm up the face. This goes for all complexions. Especially when looking for brown shadows. Rich browns, like  tan and a dark hot chocolate. Remember look for yellow tones. When you look at shadows.. You should be able to see a hint of yellow, not grey. Note: Coastal scents does not have good brown shadows! Some of their coloured shadows are ashy grey looking as well so be wise about what you choose. Also, highly pigmented colours -jewel tones work well on everyone. Remember yellow tones..for every complexion..even for foundations, powders, concealer, blush, bronzers and contour shades

-makeup artist

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