Could Cymbalta,ibuprofen, Or Simvastatin Be Causing My Hair To Thin?


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sherry glenn answered
Yesssss!!!! Cymbalta!!!!! Took out my hair in clumps and that was the only drug I was taking ....
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Julii Brainard answered
  Yes.Hair loss is down as a documented side effect of all 3 drugs. Taking them together may even make the hair loss symptom worse. Individually, Cymbalta is the worst culprit. But taking any of them long-term can cause hair to thin.

  Solutions: talk to your GP about alternative medications. Start by asking for a replacement for the Cymbalta first, since it's likely to contribute most to the problem.

  Unfortunately, the obvious replacements for Ibuprofen -- Aspirin or Acetaminophen (Tylenol) -- can also cause hair loss if taken daily.

  Simvastatin: in theory, in many cases, this could be phased out if you change your lifestyle enough.

  Your GP may suggest that there isn't a good replacement for any of those meds. All of them (Cymbalta, Ibuprofen, or Simvastatin) are supposed to (ideally) only be taken as short-medium term measures, though. You may have to decide whether the benefits make it worth the nuisance of thinning hair in the medium-term.

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