I Have Lots Of Spots And Pimples On My Face.how Can I Remove Them?do You Know Any Good Cream That Removes Them?and Where Can I Find It?plz Help!


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Shea butter fades blemishes and scars.  Aloe vera juice fades redness and reverse scarring.  Flaxseed oil  helps to improve acne conditions.  Goat milk soap has helped many acne sufferers.  Green tea combats acne.  Tea tree oil can help moderate acne, oily skin and more but it can, also, be too strong for some people, in some rare cases causing allergic contact dermatitis when its directly applied to the skin.  My Source:  Www.natural-goat-milk-soap.com
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EATING HEALTHILY i know you probably hear people telling you that all the time, but the only time i ever started to get less pimples was when i cut out chocolate and sweets and fried food...you can have everything else but just don't have those 3 things...seriously trust me. After about 3/4 days of being on that diet your skin is already getting clearer. I still recommend using a good product as well like Clearasil but you have to stick to one product don't keep changing and use it religiously every single night and day.I also get more suggestion from this natural remedies for acne ,there are many remedies for spots and pimples.

Ask your doctor for a prescription called Racine A.

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