I have a problem of pimple in my face how can i remove it?


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You should consider youself lucky! I had terrible acne all over my face. Here are ten tip's that ultimately WORKED for me. Considering I had acne due to genetic's and puberty. Ugh. 

First: Make sure your hair doesn't touch your face, especially bangs. The oil's you produce clog pores.

Second: Don't fall for the gimmick's. ( Proactive, Skin Id, Ect.) None contribute to long term results. Use products that have no scent, & have no harsh chemicals. Johnson & Johnson Purpose Gentle Cleasing Wash or Cetaphil work just fine.

Third: Moisturize! Dry skin causes the sebaceous gland's to fill up with sebum, causing pimples we all hate! Johnson & Johnson, & Cetaphil both have great moisturizers that are scent free, & have Spf that protect against harmful uva & uvb rays that lead to sun-spot's and dried skin!

Fourth: Let your pores breath, & don't wear makeup.

Fifth: Wash your pillow cases ones a week. You'd be suprised how much dirt and junk develope on those within a week.

Sixth: When you shower, don't let the shampoo & conditioner seep on your face. If it does, save washing your face with face wash for last. And wash with cold water!

Seventh: Drink ton's of water, and limit yourself on sugar & fatty food's intake!

Eighth: Go to a vitamin store, or local pharmacy and get Teen Girl Vitamins. They work wonder's and cost only about ten bucks. Plus they last forever.

Ninth: Because I had really bad acne, I went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me a clear like cream called retinol. That bad boy is my lifesaver & It last's forever.  Each prescription cost around $40.

Tenth: Keep your stress level on the down low, and get 8 or more hour's of sleep!

If you follow even a couple of these step's, all preferred, your acne will be gone in no time.
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Surgically would really hurt. Try using lemon juice to remove them. Take ReaLemon Lemon Juice, pour it onto a napkin, and rub all over the pimple. Recommendation: Do this over night. Hoped you liked your answer. Thx for reading. XD!!!!!

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