Can you use olive oil as a makeup remover? I don't have any makeup remover and they're pretty expensive now - so can I use olive oil instead as a makeup remover for mascara?


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Anika Chan Profile
Anika Chan answered

I use cetaphil as makeup remover.

ethan james Profile
ethan james answered

You can use it,  but first do an allergy test for your skin otherwise you will get a rash problem after you remove makeup.

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

Evoo would be good but I believe coconut oil is even better!

Tina Mathur Profile
Tina Mathur answered

You can absolutely use olive oil as a makeup remover. Just ensure that you wash your face properly after it.

If you are using it to remove mascara, I would suggest you the following method to remove it delicately without hurting your senstive eye area and eye lashes: Take some olive oil on cotton and press it on your eyes gently. This will melt the mascara. No need to tug on your eyelashes!

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