I Have Pimples On My Labia. Can You Kindly Help Me How To Get Rid Of Them?


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You might not have pimples you may in fact have herpes.
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I have pimples on my Labia and it is continued periodically and I am very worried to figure it out what has happened with me. After some days there was rashness and swallowing. The thing you are describing is due to the infection which blocked the gland and due to which the place swallow and you may feel that this is a pimple on your labia. Just check it that if it is inside the vaginal skin or on the opening of the vaginal skin. This is an abscess gland due to some infection it gland is blocked in the part of the skin. Due to which the liquid of the gland gathers in a single place.

You can try yourself in order to get rid of this infection. Just take a cotton and polite cloth and dip it into the hot water. Just put it on your infection for some times and you may feel little relax during that process. Do this process to see whether it works on your skin or not so try this at home. If it does not work then go to some chemist shop and search any ointment which can cure your infection if after using that cream on your infection if it works there then it is ok otherwise consult some doctor.
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A labia is the skins that clover and protects a clitoris. Try going to google pictures.
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Go to the female doctor
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These may be "genital warts", and you should maybe see a doctor as a prescription may be needed....

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