What Are Some Cute Ways To Fix My Hair In The Morning? I Take A Shower At Night And I Have About 10-15 Minutes To Fix My Hair In The Morning. I Don't Like To Use A Ton Of Product But I Will If It Will Give Me A Cute, Quick Hairstyle. Please Help!


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I have the same amount of time as you do in the morning. I have wavy hair and sometimes I scrunch it with mousse or straighten it. Mousse doesnt damage your hair. It is sorta like hairspray. It takes about 5 min.  If I straighten it, it takes a little longer but if I don't have time then I will put half up and half down. You can even put it up in a ponytail and if you have bangs then you can put them in a bump thing on top.  Another thing is french braids. I can't french braid my own hair but my sister helps. It doesnt take that long and it makes you hair look good if it is frizzy or not doing what you want it to do.  Hope it helps! :)

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