Would A Lip Piercing Make Me Look Like An Emo? Lol


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Alison Baillie Profile
Alison Baillie answered
Well, so far you say it really pees you off, so if you think you can get over that, then go ahead and get it done. If you think it will make things worse, I would wait a while. You never know, in 6 months time emo's might have faded away, or you might not fancy a lip piercing any more! If people already tease you for looking like an emo, they will still do it if you get your lip pierced. What's wrong with being an emo anyway? Just get the piercing and when people tease you, you can laugh and say, yeah I know, but I like it.
zoe carvell Profile
zoe carvell answered
Why should you let that stop you from doing what you want? Piercings, tattoos and all forms of modification are things you do for yourself whether it be to help heal something within you or because you're unhappy with the way things look or sometimes just for the hell of it! If you're going to let other people dictate what you can and can't modify and what YOU do with YOUR body what are you going to let them stop you doing next? Think about what you really want and then go get it done!
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I say, if you're an adult and want one; get one!
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Anonymous answered
I got one
I love it
and I'm not an emo =D
so what!! Kids call every body an emo, even if there not
be cool, just ignore that, or smile back xD works fine to me
its your body!!!
Do what you think is right
Konata Izumi Profile
Konata Izumi answered
Piercings don't make you look 'emo'. Many emos don't even look it because they're emo for the mental reasons or the music type, not just the style. If you don't want to be labelled as an emo, then why would you want to wear something that will make you look more like one? {If you don't look like one already, then a piercing wouldn't affect it in the slightest, if you do however...it will more than likely SLIGHTLY add}.
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Anonymous answered
I'm 13 and I got a labret.! And I love it. And yeaah it makes me look really emo:p
maddi gillford Profile
maddi gillford answered
I have Lip pierced its fine I never got called emo yet I was pretty popular but its fine your body do what you want with uit
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Steph Swank answered
It depends on what you already look like. But it doesn't make you emo because you have one.

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