What Does An Infected Monroe Piercing Look Like?


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This type of piercing appears as a metal "beauty mark" above the lip - picture supermodel Cindy Crawford's famous mole and you'll get the idea. However, when Monroe piercings get infected, they may feature a reddened, inflamed area around the metal stud, and there may even be blood, oozing clear fluid, or thick yellow pus. It's very important to consider infections before committing to a piercing of this type, since infections are ugly and bad for the overall health. To make sure you know what you're getting into, visit message boards where piercing fans hang out to discuss the latest procedures and aftercare for these piercings.

  • Piercing facts

Piercings tend to be favored by those who love alternative culture - certain subculture members, such as Goths or Punks, may be more likely to get parts of their face or body pierced. However, in recent years, piercings have become more common and more mainstream, and you may find piercings on clean-cut preppy college students or on other people who you might not expect to have these embellishments.

  • Sexy and stylish?

To people who love piercings, playing with their appearance via these metal decorations feels fierce, sexy, stylish, and even addictive. If you see someone with more than two piercings, there's a pretty good chance that they have other piercings you can't see. Suffice it to say that even the body's tender and private areas may be pierced at a typical piercing parlor. Sometimes, piercing parlors also offer tattooing services, and people who are pierced may be more liable to have tattoos along with their metal rings, studs, and spacers.

Learn more about piercings and the risk of infection by visiting a respected, reputable piercing parlor and asking questions about the health risks associated with getting a piercing above your upper lip. The best parlors will have a list of aftercare rules for patients, and they will also ensure that their patients are pierced with sterile materials and tools.

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