How Do I Get My Hair Poofy Like An Emo?


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Straighten your hair firstly, then part it into the parts you want it and tie up the bits to seperate each section of hair, for example ;
Crown of your head.
Then work on each section, backcombing your hair slightly with a comb and then brushing it back out so it's not tatty. When you have it all poofy, push it up with your hands and then add A LOT of hairspray.
After that just get a brush and brush over where you've backcombed to cover it with your normal hair so you can't see it. :'3
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Take a part of your hair that you want to be poofy. Hold it up in the air. Hold it at the end. Take a comb with close bristles and Brush backwards (down from the way you're holding it) It will get poofy. You can use hairspray if you need to. But scene hair can get very tangled. I know from experience. This is called Teasing your hair. Good luck
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Search on youtube good videos on their.
After washing my hair I towel dry with a microfibre towel ( you can get one for less than $5 in a cheapy shop) and make it damp so its not dripping.
I then grab  a brush and brush my hair spraying an inch of the roots with it, all on the top of my head. Grab your hairdryer and a paddle brush and blow dry straight in an upward direction. If your hair falls down blow the roots in an opposite way(drying the roots up)...the next day when I wake up its all poofy and I just straighten the ends with my hair straightener. Don't spray tooo much hairspray its bad for your hair, can catch on fire and makes dirt oil and yuck stuff stick to your hair.
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Tease it a lot and tons of hairspray then let it dry and add in some more hairspray
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Teasing your hair:
Now I know your probably thinking, well isn't that an "emo" thing to do and my answer to you is yes!
But don't be worried, scene and emo are pree much the same exept you have more color in you then
dark colors if you are scene. Now to tease your hair you need one alastic,  1 pick comb, and extra strong hairspray, but if you
don't have a pick comb use a normal one! :3 anywayz here is the steps of doing it!
1. Straghten your hair very good no curls left! (if you have natural straght hair then your good!).
2. Take the alastic and make a little bun at the top of your head with your first layer (if you don't have layers
or you only have one long one just leave it down!) :D
3. Take the comb and brush the oppisite way then you normally brush?
4.Spray the hair spray at the little puff ball you made and continue to do this around your head.
Hope that helped a bit bye!
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I am in love with emo girls hair. And I really want to get my hair cut like it when I turn 16 which will be in may. But my hair is natural curly and I can't wear my hair straight all the time. So I put curling mousse in it and I'm afraid if I do that with my emoish hair that it really wont look right.. :(
besides our school is retarted so id prob get suspended if I got emo hair.. Lol!
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Okay forget all the hairspray crap. Yeah you need it... But sooo not as much as you think. It damages your hair incredibly if you use that much... Though you can damage it by washing your hair too...hmmm.... Well then.... Okay get som wax for your hair. Put it on your roots and use a small comb and comb it upwards. Then hairspray each chunk of hair your on and comb that down but keep your hair pulled up. This gives you a messy poof but after you do that brush outward and style a lil with your hands. Boost it up and spray just a lil more hairspray and wa la! You have it! Yay scene hair...well...this was fun I dot dot... Okay well bye!
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Will answer that if you tell me what an emo is.
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Its a very 'emotional' person. There kinda crossed between goths and greebos....

I dont see why there is this 'labelling'... But it works for people i dont know.
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Tease you hair with a comb then hair spray it and comb a layer of hair over it!! :)
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To get scene hair you need to TEASE it... To tease it you have to take a brush and brush UP not down... But start with the bottom layers and don't forget to use LOTS of hairspray... I hope I helped <3
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Tease it hairspray. Take your straightener and straighten straight up. Better with short layers and thick hair.
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Straighten your hair and then only at the top backcomb your hair and put hairspray on it. Leave the bottom layers straight. There are a lot of vids on youtube you should have a look at those they show you how to do it :)
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I would suggest use a blow dryer to set them into a hairstyle. Actually our hair look best after a haircut when they are set by the beautician. Later they seem impossible to manage or even get the same look. However, use a blow dry and a round curler brush to make the layers poofy. Turn the ends inside or outside depending on how you want them to look. Here is a link for step by step instructions:
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I like emo hair. Yeah...I could go for some soda right now. .. Yeeaaah buddy. A hem... How to get the perfect poof I don't know...YET. However I know how to get it to poof pretty well with a really really small bristle comb and hairspray and wax...yeah thats the secret and use a straightener to straighten your hair first and stuff. It can be used as a great styling tool also. Oh yeah...good luck...peace out! Batman!
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Flip your head upside down and grab a pecie of hair and sray it then back comb that peice then spray it again,  then do the rest of the back of your hair like that...
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Conniemk a emo is like a goth but more gothik?
And I think that back combing it would be a good idea ...

If you don't know what that is then...
You take a strand of hair and hold it up then take your comb and comb down the way and keep doing it for a little while maybe 5 combs of so then lay it down and it should "poof" up but if your hair is short it might not work..

Sorry if it doesn't apply to your question though.

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