Would a mermaid prom dress make me look shorter?


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Filex Bajra answered

No.mermaid prom dress won't make you look shorter.

It's really a good idea to dress-up like a mermaid. There are a lot of other sexy and hot dresses around too.

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Ryan Viola answered

You have not mentioned what's your height so we cannot actually answer your question. Please mention your height, also whether you are fat or slim...

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Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson commented
Actually i also have this kind of problem. I am about 5 feet and i am slim. But not too skinny and the dress is dark blue. please help..
Ryan Viola
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Royal blue could be the one suitable to you, but I am not sure how is your skin tone so that can still go with any skin tones. :)
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nazia ali answered

Yeah i think you will look amazing!
word of advice though, dont wear underwear lol
if you wear regular underwear you will be able to see the lines and if
you wear a thong, it will make you look like you have love handles.

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