Would I Look Good With Emo/scene Hair?


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viktoria no answered
You would look great
sara zambola Profile
sara zambola answered

emo are nice!

bandet smokes Profile
bandet smokes answered
Yea I'm emo I look hot I look grate wow thats a bumb question
Chips Ters Profile
Chips Ters answered

Yes, I'm emo, I look great. I like my appearance, and I, and my friends, and my family. It’s just a magnificent bow, I especially like my hairstyle as well, because my mother helps me with it, she uses hair clippers

Isobella Marie Chazanie Profile
Yeah you would look great and and you will attracted emo/scene people
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Anonymous commented
Were did you find the picture I put because I don't see it
Anonymous commented
How did you see my picture? Cause I can't find it
casey obsession <3
I think she might have been n=being sarcastic... But if you want scene hair then just do it! Dont waste your time worrying what other people think... If you tried i bet you could pull it off with no problem (yeah i dont see a pic either... Ha ha h stalker ^ ^ ^ ^

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