How To Get Rid Of That Dirty Look After Shaving Armpits? I Have Dark Brown Hair And Even Though I Shave, My Armpits Look Dirty And Are Still Dark After Shaving...


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The best way to get rid of that look is to wax instead of shaving.  This will remove the follicle which is what is leaving the dark coloration.  The only other option is to bleach it.  The problem with that is that you would have to do it every couple days due to hair growth.  Although waxing may hurt, it is only for a few seconds, and the effect you will get will make you happier and last longer than merely shaving.  Also, the more you wax the thinner the hair in that area will be which in turn will make waxing less painful due to less hair there.
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I have the same problem I heard something about bleaching the skin with lime then rinsing it off?

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