How To Tell If A Gucci Purse Is Authentic?


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Gucci handbags are famous all over the world so it is natural that many may try to take undue advantage of this fact and pass of duplicates as original Gucci handbags. But there are several things that would enable you to tell an original Gucci creation from a replica or a duplicate. Whenever you are buying a Gucci handbag check the zips because they would have the initials of the designer on every zip on the bag which may not be found on the replica.

Another method is to check out the serial number found on the bag which would match with the number on the authenticity certificate that you are given with the bag. A replica or a duplicate would not have a serial number or an authenticity certificate. Then protect yourself from being cheated by buying the bag from good and authorized dealers.
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Er,I completely agree to the views above,but you can go to the site : ..I think there are HD pictures and clear description for you to work things out. Good luck!
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OK here is a really big thing about Gucci handbags, a lot or should I say most people don't know this but almost all Gucci handbags are made in China, Then they are shipped to Italy were they sew the leather tab that has the serial number on it. Then by law they get away this saying these handbags are made in Italy!!!!  This news broke out in 2009 and Gucci lost many,many sales. Do your research you will find this to be true. I was even in shock that they could do this and get away with it. So Gucci just made this a lot easier for China to duplicate there handbags so the fakes are out there more than ever now. Shame on Gucci.

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