How Do I Create Roberto Cavalli-style Big Curls?


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The key to achieving healthy, bouncy curls is easy. Your hair needs to be clean for this look, so give it a nice wash in some curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner, and finish by working a curl inducing product through the ends.

The next step is a little odd - straighten your hair, (ghd's are essential here) and then section of large segments into medium sized rollers. Once pinned in place, hot-dry the rollers and spritz with plenty of hairspray.

The effect of straightening first allows your cuticles to relax and create the shine in the hair. By placing the smooth hair into rollers, you retain the shine and gloss of the straightened look but inject volume and shape to the hair.

Leave your rollers in for as long as you have time for - an hour is ideal - and then release to reveal beautiful, shiny curls that bounce as you walk. Very Cavalli indeed!
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The "type" of Rollers you should use are the Velcro rollers. A setting spray will help hold the waves as well after you remove the rollers. A product I use and recommend is Biolage Heat Activate Setting Spray. Can be used with or without heat!

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