Does Greyban Really Fade Your Grey Hair Away?


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Greyban does seem to work. A lot of people who have used it are really happy with the results. It does fade away the gray, in the sense, that it reverts your hair to its natural pre-graying color. The good thing about it is that the color it produces is very natural and you do not look all weirdly dyed like after getting a dye from a salon. Even if you apply it to only a few areas on your head, the 'revitalized' hair neatly blend into the rest of your hair.
You need to use it once every day for about 2-3 weeks for best results. After most of your gray is gone, reduce its usage to two times in a week. Of course, be careful with your finger nails. Wash them thoroughly after using greban. After all, you do not want the gray there either!

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Thank you... I was thinking about buying the product online but was skeptical about it., thanks again

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