Do You Look Young Or Old For Your Age?


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As an adult, I've always looked young for my age. People have rarely been able to determine my age from looking at me. I'm old enough to be retired, I have black hair without any gray, and I don't color it. I have no wrinkles on my face, not even laugh lines around my eyes. I also don't act my age, whatever that's supposed to mean. I can feel my age in my bones sometimes, but otherwise I look younger than I am. No problem there.
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Katarzyna Guernsey
way to go robbier44!I can feel my age in my bones too sometimes and Im only 32! lol
Penny Kay
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I used to be a beautiful woman, and no-one could guess my age. Smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle have put the age on me. I have had to realize that I look my age, and then some. prevention is best!
Robyn Rothman
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I smoke, and my lifestyle hasn't always been so good. I think my youtful look must have something to do with heredity. My dad didn't turn gray until his sixties, and my sister also looks much younger than she is while her husband, who is only one year her senior, looks grayer everytime I see him. Just because your physical beauty may not be as it once was doesn't mean you aren't beautiful to someone.:)
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I'm not yet 30 and I look older than most of my friends. I hate that aging lines are showing near my nose and my eyebags are really prominent - I look like I'm 42. I feel really depressed about it.
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I too have been told that I look younger than I am.They say your only as young as feel. Maybe that has something to do with it .I stay very active and in ''tune'' with the times.I really don't know why ,cause at one point in my life I thought it to be a curse but as I've gotten older I now consider it a blessing that I can wear age so well.
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I've been told that I come across as a bit older ( I'm 23 & pple think I'm 26), but they all say it is in a good way - according to them I speak with a lot of wisdom for my age.
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An old wives' tale says that those with December/January birthdays typically are guessed older when they are young because of their unusual wisdom, and as they grow older, are seen as looking consistently younger.
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I think man the some age of me is good for me . I have man the some age as me.
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I'm 30 years old and people think I'm 23 years old.. They ask to see my Id because they don't believe me when I tell them my age. I have three's older..the other is younger..People see us together and think my younger sister is older..and they think that I'm the youngest.
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I'm 25yrs old. People think I'm 15yrs old. It drives my boyfriend crazy because he gets looks all the time(But he loves me and puts up with it).
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I am 17, but I am much older looking, well, around 21-23. But it does not matter, all my friends look much older, it is all because the style we dress, and the makeup we put on.
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I look young for my age.  Assuming this continues then in a few years I won't mind it so much but it really suck being a junior who's constintely being mistaken for a freshman.
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I'm 23 and I get asked by anyone I meet 'what subjects you doing at high school'?'. Once I tell them I'm working and have completed a masters they are shocked and say you look 15 or 16 or 17 max. My sister is 18 but everyone thinks she looks older than me. It could be down to my petite figure, cheery smile and voice. But my parents say its my face that looks young. My mum is 53 and she looks 35! No one believes her when she tells them her age. She was even mistaken for a model more than 3 times on the street. My grandfather is also is 74 and speaks, acts and looks 60(same for my grandmother.)
I believe that genes may play a role in the ageing process, however I think its also the features you are born with that give you that baby face. A small nose, big eyes, or cat eyes, full lips and well defined cheeks give you a young look. As well as long hair.
This famous singer in UK is 21 and she looks 40!!! But thats because her features are more manly(I wouldnt be surprised if she was a boy previously lol). However when you hear her speak and act its just like any young 20 something. So as always the face gives the age away., not so much the body, well unless you are in a bikini.
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I look exactly my age as does everyone else. The fact that others cannot guess means that they are not very good at it because of some preconceptions they have about how I ought to look. In other words this is what I look like at this age, others will look different.
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I am 27, a mother of two & had a hard and difficult life.I've always been considered older than my actual age. I'm not very feminine e.g. Makeup, hairdressers, manicures, pedicures, fashion. Could never afford it & can't afford it now either. I look 37 & people do not believe that I'm not yet 30.sometimes it hurts but I am still learning to live with it everyday. So every now & then people make a comment e.g. Frankenstein's creation, etc. But I'm cool!
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I am 23 and my sister is turning 27 on Dec 15 and everyone thinks I'm older and to tell the truth it hurts me...when we walk in a room and they ask me if I have a good/bad little sister doesn't care because she looks young but me sometimes I dread going places with her in fear they say "let me guess your the older one"... :(
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The Cowboy life, the country air, and hard work have kept me looking younger! A Super Horse and a Super Dog helped a lot, too!
Maybe I'll find a woman to TRUST! BUT I'm still looking! For most woman want a weekend Cowboy, and I'm 24 hours a day!
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WOW! I could have written that last response myself. At 70 I'm told that I look like I'm in my 50's. And yes, I don't act 70 either. My body feels all 70 years though and when I sit too long, I get stiff so fora few minutes I walk like a 70 year old which in itself causes people to stare and wonder why someone my 'age' walks like an old sock. Lol. I come from a young looking family. Mom at 94 looks years younger as do my 7 living siblings. My 5 children all pass for much younger. The youngest was still getting carded when she was 30. I sometimes got flack when asking for my senior discount. I even got a nasty retort from a fast food manager who thought that I was trying to get something that I didn't deserve. Lol I attribute my young looks to several things. First of all, good genes, good skin (kissed by the sun) without wrinkles or laugh lines. Second, I don't wear makeup or color my hair, I laugh a lot, and stay active. And I don't walk and act like an old lady. I take as few pills as possible as all pills have side affects and once you take a pill and then have to take a pill to counter affect the side affects of that pill, well pretty soon you're an old person taking mountains of pills. Lol. I do understand that some like my husband, have no choice. Their genes have given them multiple problems that require medication to sustain life.
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I've been told I don't look my age. I have retired from one job and got bored so I am working at another job again. I color my hair, although I've colored my hair since I was in my late '20's. I don't act my age (although I really don't know what someone my age should act like -lol). I enjoy life, laugh a lot and try to have fun!
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I'm fat, going baldy and am a homer simpson clone. Yet, for some reason noone seems to believe that I'm 50. My wife is 53 and a little girl stopped us and asked if she was my mammy. That didnt go down too well. My son james took me for a pint or two of guinness about two weeks ago. A barman asked me was my brother paying for this round. James is 21. I know I don't act like I am 50 but it never ceases to amaze me how people underestimate my age. Also they never believe my weight. I am 25 stone and everytime I attend a clinic they question the scales. Are people stone blind?
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Padraig-- let people underestimate both your age and weight! I hope you enjoy it. :) BTW, what is 25 stone in lbs or metric? (I am unfamiliar with the "stone" measure of weight.)
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I am going to be 48 on Nov. 7th and most people can't believe it. They think I am around 35. I can't believe I will be 50 in 2 years. But I really did like my 40's, my sons have moved out and I love the quietness of my house. :^D I do get bored sometimes and am trying to figure out what to do with my life now :^(
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Ever since I was 18yrs old, most people I met thought I was still in elementary school. Now I'll be 36 yrs old, and people still think I'm in my early(23) to mid twenties (28). I agree with most, genetics is absolutely a big factor. I also think my round face and round eyes adds to my youthful appearance. I'm not particularly a health conscious as far as eating or exercise, but I've never been much of an outdoors person either, thus little sun damage. I have naturally tan skin, a little extra melanin for protection. Who knows??!! But I love it, I must say!
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Older. My mothers fathers hair turned white in his twenties. I inheirited his curse. I started going gray in my twenties and turned white in my thirties. My wife is six years older than me and everyone thinks I am older than her. It makes her feel good so I don't care.
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I have no idea why, but for some reason, people either think that I'm around fifteen, sixteen, or that I'm twenty-four, twenty-fiveish. It's either below or above.

I'm nineteen ;]

My mother who is forty-six looks like she's in her early to mid thirties even without makeup (when we went out, she was constantly hit on younger guys but nobody even looks at me... I tear. LOL). My father who is forty-four gets carded when he buys alcohol or cigarettes.

So come to think of it, both my parents look younger than they really are. My father was a former BMX racer (in his teenage years) and he still rides a bicycle so that may have something to do with it.

Oh yeah, and my grandmother on my fathers side is in her late sixties but she looks to be in her early fifties.
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Okay so I'm about to turn 13 but when I walk to a store or with my freinds anywhere guys who are like 15,16, sometimes 17 try flirting with me, or they stare at me (in akward places) and my freinds parents think I'm a tutor from high school, even this week I went to sign up for tumbling classes and they ask my age I said 12 and she looked at me and said ohh my gosh I thought you were 15 or 16 ugh I don't know whether to be happy or annoyed
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I always looked younger too. I have some photos of me at 50, and, boy I look like a frigging movie star, all dark hair, no greys, no wrinkles, no veins, never had stretchmarks anyways. I only gained about 20 lb when pregnant, and BTW my kids are super healthy. You dont have to be a cow when pregnants so your kids would be healthy, that's a lot of crap. Stop eating starch, sugar and margarine and drink lots of water and be active and you will look young. Stay out of sun, but you still need a bit of tan. As long as you are optimal weight and not wrinkled from sun exposure you should look younger.

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I'm 38 yrs old, but I get mistaken for a women in her early to mid 20s. The reason I look younger than my age is because I am short at 4'ft8 inches in height. Apparently, people don't stop to realize that there are short people who look young, but might actually be older than them. When I was in my 20s I kept getting mistaken for a teen. It has to do with the fact that I'm short and when people see short people they automatically think of teenagers and assume your a teen. People need to realize that if a short person sounds mature like an adult and they carry a purse then they are an adult because teenagers don't sound like adults or wear purses. Also It's not hard to tell when a short person is older than you especially when they  have grey hair on the top of their heads and sometimes wear grandma sweaters. Also I have a problem with teenagers mistaking me for a teen. 3 yrs ago I moved into this neighborhood where there were kids, and everytime they saw me they were mistaking me for a teenager especially boys. They finally are realizing that I am an adult. People need to teach their kids that there are short people that look young that are actually adults, and adults need to realize that just because a short person looks really young doesn't mean they are young. They could be women in their 30s and 40s. It does not make sense to mistake a 38 yr old women for a 26 yr old. I get young guys who notice me which is weird because they were probably in diapers by the time I was out of high school. And then you get people older then me calling me young lady, and I'm almost in my 40s. I had one experience at age 30 in 2006. Some kid thought I was in high school, and he saw me at the convenient store near the school he went to. He asked me if I went to his school. I told him I haven't been to school since 1994. I even had an experience where this lady in her 50s is calling me young lady and acting like I know nothing about the 70s which is probably when she was a teenager. I was born in the 70s.  I saw 70s movies and tv shows and heard 70s music including disco. During the 80s they showed reruns of old shows including 70s shows and movies and some shows came out in the mid to late 70s and were on in the 80s. Radio stations continued to play 70s music as well as 80s music.

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Generally, people estimate my age about 10-12 years younger than I am. I have to say that at my class reunion, actually all the women looked a lot younger as compared to the men, most of whom had gone bald, gray and were out of shape (unfit).
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I'm 35 but people always guess wrong. I've gotten answers from 19 to 30. For a time after 27 I did not get carded, but since I turned 35 last year (May 2009) I've been carded three times. Hoping to look this good when I'm 40!
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I am 26 years old and I never really go outside.

People think I just started college....

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