How Do I Wrap A Scarf?


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Hi Celia,
Scarves can be worn any way you like. The most popular way to wear a scarf is to through around ones neck for warmth or to enhance an outfit. Another way you can wear a scarf is pull through the links in your trousers and tie at the side. A bright scarf can enhance a dull outfit and create a stylish look! Depending on how long your scarf is, you may wish to tie round the wrists or forehead. Long scarves look best worn round the neck. A good way to put a long scarf around your neck is to fold in half, put round neck and put the two ends through the loop and pull. Scarves can be a very personal thing so experiment and create your own unique way of wearing them!
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There are many ways in which one can wrap a scarf depending on the kid of look desired. One of the ways to wrap a scarf is by first folding it in half, then holding it in the middle and folding it until it resembles a band that's two inches thick. This can then be draped around ones neck with the knot pointing either in front if you're wearing an open collar blouse or to the side.

The other way to wrap a scarf is by flipping it over, picking it up the scarf from the centre, tying a knot in the middle and letting the rest of the scarf fall over the knot. The opposite ends of the scarf can be tied at the back of your neck and the rest of it can fall over just under your neck. You can also try to drape a scarf around your waist or around your shoulder by folding it in half and then tying the ends together.
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Fold your scarf once then take the 2 ends and tuck it in the circle

that's my fancy way (to me)
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A scarf can be worn in many different ways. Primarily, when worn long, it is wrapped around the neck, with some material hanging loose down the body. In dusty climates, a headscarf is often worn wrapped around the head as a protective measure. In Islamic religion, headscarves are also worn around the head as a sign of modesty, particularly by women. Alternatively, a scarf may be worn folded into a triangle, and tied around the head into a neckerchief shape. It may also be worn simply around the neck or at the wrist, twisted and knotted. An oblong twist can also be made to a long scarf to create a flattering effect for the wearer. Scarves are usually made of knitted, warm material and are worn in cold times of the year, although lighter scarves made of thinner material are often worn as accessories during the summer. They are also used as colour coordinated accessories to other items of clothing, such as a hat or a sweater.
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Not like the American dancer of the 1920s, Isadora Duncan.

The famous dancer died bizarrely in 1927 in Nice on the French Riviera when her long flowing scarf snagged in the rear wheel of the sports car she was travelling in. Duncan's trademark silk scarf brought about her untimely demise by catching in the spokes of the speeding Bugatti's wheel, propelling the dancer violently out of the open top convertible and almost decapitating her. She was dragged along the road for several yards before the chauffeur, alerted by pedestrians, noticed what had happened.

Duncan was declared dead at the scene, having been strangled by the force of the scarf which was wrapped around her neck body, tightening.

Fourteen years earlier, Duncan's two young children had died in a freak car accident in Paris. They had been left unattended in a parked car that suddenly started rolling downhill and plunged over a bridge into the River Seine.

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