How Do You Wear A Scarf With A Dress To Look Elegant? What About With A Pin?(Cameo?)


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Wearing a scarf with a dress looks very ladylike and elegant and can provide the perfect finish to an outfit that looked like it was missing something. Don’t think of those huge woolly scarves that you use in the winter to keep out the bitter winds. Think delicate scarves in light colours that drape around your neck, immediately drawing the eyes of everyone in the room onto you.

When picking the right scarf to go with your dress, then the colour is extremely important. You wouldn’t wear a green scarf with a purple dress now would you? Also, don’t pick a scarf that is the exact same shade as your dress. Although block colours are indeed the hot trend this season, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add a bit of variation. It makes you look interesting. By all means pick a scarf the same basic colour, but go a shade lighter so it looks as if the colour fades as eyes travel up your body. For example, if your dress is a dark violet, then choose a slightly light purple scarf without going as light as lilac.

The style of the dress is also extremely important. The best style to wear a scarf with is strapless, as a see-through scarf will still show that you are womanly by showing off your shoulders and chest, but that you are still a lady by remaining modest. No gentleman likes a lady who flashes their most intimate places. Scarves can be worn with strappy dress, although this can sometimes lead to your shoulder and neck area being too crowded, especially if you are wearing a necklace and long earrings. Simplicity is the key by showing that you can be beautiful, graceful and elegant with as little as possible.

Also, do not wrap the scarf tightly around your neck like a Boa Constrictor. Drape it lightly across your shoulders along the two either ends to drape over your arms, wearing it as a shawl. This is a classic style that never goes out of fashion.
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Definitely works but you should know when and how to wear it
else it can end up looking a disastour.

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There is actually an infinite number of ways it can be done, but we have looked to fashion bloggers for inspiration. We dissected their scarf-styled outfits and the result came out to these 5 styling tricks that are worth taking a cue from.

Here are the 5 easy ways you can wear the scarf with a dress:-

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You can wrap the scarf around your back and hold the ends in your hands or maybe use brooch and pin it to make it look elegant yet classy.

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Take the jacket off and wear a nice scarf around your neck. That's what I do!!! If it's leather, that's an absolute NO!!! If its a warm, soft cotton jumper, a complete YES! Wear the scarf around your neck and you have a beautiful, elegant look.
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There are many ways in which you can wear a scraf. It looks trendy as well as elegant. Since you are wearing a black dress with a black jacket, a colorful silk scarf will look very pretty with it. Wear it on your dress and then wear your jacket on top. If it is not stuff tie, wear it around your neck and don't let the corners show, otherwise if it looks stuffy, you can let it hang loose over your dress. Here is a link that shows different ways to wear a scarf.

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