How Much Wool Do I Need To Knit A Scarf?


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Hello, for a scarf with braids and aran you need at least one and a half times more yarn than for the same scarf with front stitch or elastic. The thinner the thread, the less the weight of the scarf will be. The main thing is to buy yarn with a margin of 50-100 g. It is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the yarn, for example, Lion Brand Yarn produces very high-quality yarn. If you want to be convinced of this, then in the Lion Brand Yarns review you can read the reviews of people who use yarn from this brand.

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You would need around 8oz of 4 yarns of wool for a medium sized scarf. Woolen scarves apart from being trendy and colourful are also very durable and useful during the cold months. It is easy to make them. Usually the amount of wool depends on the length and size of the scarf that is intended to be made but the above measurements should be quite sufficient to make a simple one without any difficulty. The colour of the wool can be of your choice. It also requires No. 10 ½ knitting needles. Cast 35 stitches with the help of the No.10 ½ needles on to your knitting needle. Then knit 35 on the 1st row and 35 on the 2nd row. These rows set the pattern in the scarf. Continue to do so until you reach the required measure of length for your scarf and then bind off.
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How do you finish the last row of a woolen scarf or shawl?

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