How Do You Wear Scarves?


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There are so many different ways that you can wear scarves. But first of all let me just say don't get lost in the answer and forget about your own creativity......

1.) You can put the scarf around the back of your neck so the ends of the scarf are uneven and tie it once and then again so you have a knot that is snug to your neck. Pull the knot gently to the right or the left so that it is not hanging straight down from the centre of your neck. This allows the scarf to hang beautifully and it will compliment just about any outfit nicely.

2.) If you're wearing a blazer you can put it underneath the collar and just let it hang.

3.) Tie the scarf around your neck as described in number 1 but loosen it a bit. Then place a blazer or button up shirt over it and gently fluff the scarf. This gives a sophisticated look. This is also done with winter scarves under the heavy jacket.

4.) If you don't mind bows, you could tie a simple bow and also put the bow off to the right or the left of the neck.

5.) You could use the scarf to hold back your hair by placing the scarf around your neck and then pull both ends up and tie on top of your head. You could choose a knot or a bow or even pull the knot so it's at the base of your neck while the rest of the scarf flows nicely behind your hair.

6.) If the scarf is long enough you could also use it as a belt tying loosely and letting the excess hang either to the left or the right of your waist. (Tie 2 or more matching scarves together if you need to - to get the desired look and effect.)

I hope this helps you.
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I thought of something else. Add this to #6. You could also incorporate beads into you belt by wrapping them around it and tying gently. The beads will give it a different look altogether.

7.) Take the scarf and hold one corner with one hand and grab the opposite corner with the other hand and either roll or twirl the scarf until you have one column. You can tie this around your neck alone or also twist in some beads or another fabric. This will give the look of a necklace or even a unique choker.

Stand in front of a mirror and try these ideas out and see what you think. Also incorporate things you have like pins or beads to create your own look. Don't forget to think outside the box and try something you wouldn't normally think of wearing. You might be surprised and find that you like it. Have fun.
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Well there are different way you can wear them these pics may help you also you can try the DIY for them.....

Accessories and jewellery will really bring these scarves to life though!

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