My dad saw me wear a new coat today and he told me to be careful with my money and I told him, I bought it using my gift card. Yeah I lied to him. The coat is only about 40 bucks. It is not even expensive , right?


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That's a tit too expensive, in my opinion...
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Thats alright price , but ye shouldn't lie , it only gets him too think you're hiding something :) , in fact thats very cheap for a coat, In Ireland is double that! :)
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Not at all too expensive, I want to ask you where was it made. Here is something which blows my mind. I'm in Macys shopping with my wife, while waiting on her I see a nice coat, looking at the tag $499.99, ok yet when I saw where it was made caused a sickness in me Made in China.  This is a country who can't and doesn't know how to make a good not great, a good care. Now here is an expensive coat in a company store stock owned. Here is a $75. Dollar coat selling for almost $500.  What happened to our old American values? Your dad should have asked you "was it made in America?
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Well what he doesn't know can't hurt him lol and that's £25 in English money which is an inexpensive bargain !
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Yes of course.. I shop at budget friendly stores.. Not at expensive name brand stores... Well only for a wallet at Guess but nothing else.

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