What Color Shoes To Wear With A Grey Dress?


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A lot of clothes can look great with a mix of color thrown in so the world is your oyster when choosing colors for your shoes to go with a grey dress.

There are a few things you should consider when thinking about it though.

What style is your dress? Is it patterned? If it is, you may wish to go for a show that looks a bit planer as not to draw attention away from the pattern on the dress. The opposite also applies, if your dress is plain or block color, you may want to go for a shoe that has patterns or detail on it. If the dress is block color, you could always go for block color shoes to complement the look, perhaps in a contrasting color.

Have a think about what accessories you already have before you buy the shoes. You don't want to have to buy lots of new accessories to match both the shoes and the dress.

Maybe get a shoe that goes with other outfits that you own so that you can mix and match what you wear with them, this way you will get more wear out of your new shoes and they will be more cost efficient.

Have a think about what the occasion is and how long you will spend on your feet. You don't want to have sore feet from them being too high if you have to stand up for hours. You may also want to have a think about what time of year it is, open toe shoes are not great in the depths of winter, you will have very cold toes, while boots are not a great idea in the middle of summer.

Choose a color that you love, and it's always a good idea to take the dress with you when shoe shopping so that you can see what the colors look like together before you buy.
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A grey dress goes well with silver shoes for a dressy occasion. Also black patent leather. If the occasion is casual, there are several colors I like with grey. Off white & darker or lighter shades of grey are nice, as well some shades of burgundy. There are so many shades of grey the dress could be that sometimes a color swatch is helpful when you are shopping for the shoes.
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Silver definitely because grey looks best with silver always
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Black Shoes.  I love black leather with grey best, because it gives an edgy contrast to the softer, grey tones.

On weekdays I like wearing black shoes with all kinds of dress or suits.
On weekends I like wearing white socks or funny socks with my black Vans.

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You can wear siver beaded shoe, or black with sparkles, little shinny sparkles.....
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Maybe black shoes....if not carry an accessary and have your shoes match that....for example if you had a black purse with shoes would look nice on you as well...

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