I Was Told To Put A&D Ointment On My New Tattoo For Two Weeks, Is This Really All That Good For It, Or Should I Use Something Else?


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Yes, you should indeed use A & D ointment on a new tattoo; it is the most widely recommended ointment to use as it less likely to give an allergic reaction. Some of the other ointments available contain zinc which can produce irritation in some cases.

When getting a tattoo the immediate aftercare is vital to avoid any infections or imperfections.

A guide to looking after a freshly inked tattoo can be found below;

- Firstly, remove the bandage and wipe off carefully any blood or excess ointment
- Avoid actually washing the tattoo as water can affect the healing process
- Rub a thin and even layer of A & D ointment over the tattoo
- Wait for around 15 minutes and watch for any bubbling of the skin
- If there is bubbling then you need to wipe the ointment away gently with a dry cloth
- Reapply the ointment and do this until it doesn't bubble (normally around 5 times)

These steps should be followed daily until your tattoo looks fully healed. Remember to avoid direct contact with water for at least a day or two to speed up the healing process.
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2 vweeks is to long and please don't cover it with plastic that isn't good for it will make the tattoo sweat and you will have your color draining use a and d ointment for about 4 days then switch to a non fragranced lotion
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A & D Ointment is the best. Used it on my second tat, was recommended by the professional artist and it worked great. Healed quickly without any aggravation.
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I have had 3 tattoos and was told to use the a & d for two to three days and then use unscented lubridrium on after that with all my tats. There is no need for it for that long. Professionals advice to me. I have had no problems. Good Luck.
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Ive used A/D ointment and mine are fine, just never pick the scabs, stay outta the sun. If you put too much on it, it can make the ink run. But the INK goes into your body , layer under layer of skin, its not going to disappear. Just a bit to keep the tat moist . After  a week is when I stopped with the ointment, another great one is Coco butter lotion.
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I've been tattooing for 5 years now and I always recommend either A & D or Vaseline. Some lotions are good as long as they don't have a lot of additives in them. The whole point is to keep it from drying out. I personally like A & D because of the extra vitamins, it really helps with healing. Remember to put a very thin layer on too! Too much can cause a lot of ink leakage. It's totally normal to have some of the ink to leak out as your skin is trying to heal. When it's peeling, just let it be. Don't pick at it or scratch it. Good luck!
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I live in Australia and use Bepanthen cream on my Tattoos but don't know if that cream is in your country, I'd say so.
Anyway what you describe is normal. The skin has been more or less cut into with a needle and then scabbed. What you see is the scab peeling off. This is normal. Don't pick it or touch it. Just keep applying the ointment and if you like wrap some plastic wrap around it. It will get a little itchy but don't scratch it. It should be ok in a week.
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The best thing I found is to put hand lotion on it as long as there is not alcohol in it or perfumes

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